When it comes to environmental and human health, some of the most important decisions we make start with what we eat. At Campus Dining, we build our menus around scratch cooking—using tons of fresh fruits and vegetables and high quality proteins while avoiding processed foods that are high in added sodium and sugar. We’re also working to promote more plant-forward diets. Because diets that include fewer animal products have smaller environmental footprints and are generally better for human health.​

Menus of Change

Menus of Change is a leadership initiative started in 2012. The goal of the initiative is to apply the best in nutrition, public health, environmental stewardship and social responsibility in creating exceptional menus that celebrate flavor and culinary diversity. The members of Menus of Change, and the Menus of Change University Research Council (MCURC), represent the cutting edge of the foodservice sector, and include schools such as Harvard, Stanford and the Culinary Institute of America, and companies such as Google and Airbnb. Campus Dining is proud to be collaborating with these partners to help drive positive change in our industry.

Nutrition Counseling

Is gluten the devil? Should I go paleo? Can I eat chicken strips for every meal? At Campus Dining we understand that eating can be stressful, especially when nutrition and diet trends seem to change with the weather. That's why we have a full-time registered dietitian on staff. Our dietitian provides free nutritional counseling to students on residential meal plans and to all others for a small fee. Looking for objective, science-based advice on how to eat healthy, have a question about allergens or just want to talk to someone about diet and nutrition, contact our dietitian today. More information on nutrition counseling can be found here

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