Campus Dining supports a variety of educational opportunities through internships and student employment. Employees and interns gain valuable experience in everything from culinary skills and menu design to permaculture gardening, nutrition, and local food procurement. Helping students engage with their campus and community food system is one of UMCD’s most important roles.​

Dollar Coffee Club

Purchase this sticker at any Campus Dining coffee operation and attach it to your favorite reusable coffee mug. Not only will you get dollar drip coffee, or tea, at any of our coffee outlets all semester, including through summer break, but we'll donate 100% of the sticker sales to a sustainability scholarship fund. Help us reduce waste and invest in a greener future.

Funds Raised Spring 2020*






*As of 2/27/2020, updated weekly

Scholarship Recipients

Campus Dining is proud to announce that four UM students were each awarded a $1000 scholarship, funded entirely by community members who participated in the Dollar Coffee Club this past fall. A new sticker is available for purchase now, which will fund a new round of scholarships to be awarded at the end of spring semester. 

Campus Dining Director Camp Howard is joined by winners from the coffee scholarship and UMCD employee scholarship programs at a celebration dinner at the Iron Griz. UMCD awarded $6000 in scholarships last fall semester. 

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