"Campus Dining defines success as the ability to maximize the positive impacts of our business decisions as they relate to our guests, our employees, our community and our environment, while minimizing harmful outcomes."

Campus Agriculture

We grow thousands of pounds of food on campus every year.

Food Access

We're working to connect our UM community to healthy affordable food. 


For our health and for our environment, what we eat matters.


Creating a better food system starts with buying better food.


Questions about nutrition? Curious about sustainable agriculture? Want to up your culinary game?

 Come learn with us. 


Upstream and down, learn how we reduce waste on campus.

Chef Instruction
Cooking MT Lentils
Garden Workshop
UMDining Garden
Garden Workshop
Teaching in UMD Garden
Safflower Field
Last Best Place Hug
Bob Quinn
Bob Quinn & Andrew Long
Flathead Cherries
Dave Oien
Dixon Melons
Yellowstone Grassfed Beef
Flathead Cherries
Compost Van
Montana Food Circle Donation
Fresh Roasted Beans
Bee Hive
Carrot Harvest
Mushroom Logs
Harvesting Vegetables
Todays Harvest Board
The Lommasson Garden
The South Ave Garden
Garden Workshop
Raised Beds
Kale Harvest
Harvesting Tomatillos

Tel: 406-243-4042

Safflower Field

The Oil Barn in Big Sandy, MT grows organic safflower which they turn into cooking oil.